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COAP – Mailer, Web and Bus Shelter Campaign

2013 got off to a great start with this job for Libertine, shooting the headline image for the new COAP (Children Of Addicted Parents and People) campaign. Credit must be given to our Libertine model Matt who volunteered his face for the campaign. Art Director: Derek Hayes.

COAP0001 Invite

COAP0007 TWITTER 520x260 v2

COAP0006 FACEBOOK_B 815x315v2


On the street in Shoreditch – Doug Conklyn


Pompeii – September 2012

Morgan and I were treated to the most fabulous private guide around Pompeii as a wedding gift.

If you get a chance to visit, I really recommend hiring yourself someone like our man Federico Poole (who is well qualified for the task – an archaeologist, guide, translator and holds a doctoral degree in Egyptology). The site is huge and often full of large tour groups in a rush. With Federico we were able to dodge the mass tours, navigate our way straight to the juicy bits and have a great discussion about life in Pompeii.

When you consider what happened to Pompeii in 79 A.D., it is amazing what did survive the catastrophe – not just the building structures but also the most delicate artwork and interior decoration, even political campaign slogans painted on the walls.

Sorrento – Sept 2012

Street wall in Sorrento, Italy.
September 2012

Cover Feature for CIMA Financial Management October 2012

Seven Publishing sent Morgan and I out to Dublin to shoot Mr Aongus Hegarty of Dell Europe for Financial Management magazine. We’d only been allocated an hour with Aongus and anticipated a frantic rush (Seven wanted options!). I needn’t have worried – Morgan and Aongus talked fine art while I got on with the shoot. Great for once to have less time pressure, even better that Seven loved the shots. The luck of the Irish!

Dan Stevens for Kent & Curwen

The rumours are true, I was the envy of every female Downton Abbey fan on the planet when I got to meet Mr Dan Stevens. He was due to play in the Flannels for Heroes cricket match this year but had to cancel due to the wet summer delaying filming of Downton Abbey. He kindly agreed to drop by the Kent & Curwen store in Piccadilly to be photographed in his team flannels.

And, yes, he really is as handsome as he looks on screen. Dammit!